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Short Order

Greetings Player One,


I promised to provide you with alternative writing strategies, and this might be my most controversial yet. Within these pages, you will find one hundred writing objectives designed to force you out of your comfort zone and craft a super-short story to achieve them. 


How short? For the sake of formatting, we'll say- two pages. You get two pages to craft an entire story, start-to-freaking-finish. A literary sprint of sorts. 


Why? The shorter the story is, the faster we reach the end. Super short work forces us to decide how something ends before we even start because the ending is literally on the next page. Rinse, repeat, and bam- suddenly got yourself a habit of finishing. 


Notice how I said decide? The truth is you don't have to know what the final ending is. You just have to pick one - any one - and you can pick again and again if you want to because rewriting two pages is way easier than a 50k+ word novel. Knock one out while drinking your morning coffee or before bed as you're winding down your day. 


Do one a day. Do three a day. Skip around for one that inspires you because linear progression is overrated anyway. Just make it work and get one step closer to achieving your author dreams.


This book is a test: a test of your ability to creative-problem-solve. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to finish it by whatever means necessary. Get weird. Go in strange directions and see where you land. If meeting an objective means finding an alternate interpretation of said objective, so be it. Technique, structure, style, subject, genre, strategy- anything goes. And if you mess up, there are blank pages in the back to start over. We want checked boxes here, people, and not perfection. 


I'll even let you use a pencil this time.





Short Order:
Soft Cover

This soft cover book fits perfectly in any bag or large purse, perfect for a writer on the go.


Short Order:
Spiral Binding

If you like a book that opens up, lays flat, and folds, the spiral edition is for you!



Short Order:
Digital Download

Get everything Short Order has to offer in a digital PDF download right to your computer.

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